‘The Earth is a Fine Place and Worth Fighting for’

-- Ernest Hemingway --


Going green can have various benefits for businesses. It results in improved efficiency and a healthier workspace. It is significantly seen that businesses all around the world are stepping up their game by offering eco-friendly products to their consumers. Increased productivity, reduced costs, and innovative plans can bring forth great value to your business.


It would further sustain your business growth. Expansion is possible if you’re ready to address customers’ demands to go green. If you’re able to keep pace with this demand, then sustaining your business growth in a highly competitive market is possible. Here are a few ways to help your business become more eco-friendly in 2022.


Learn the Right Way to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly


1. Don’t Offer Single-Use Items

Single-use items are convenient, but they pose a great threat to our environment. Instead, using items like degradable soup tubs, tableware and straws can be a good option for sustainability. With that, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.


Often, consumers opt for eco-friendly products as they tend to last longer and offer various other benefits. As our planet’s resources are depleting at a faster rate, we all should join hands and advocate for eco-friendly products.


2. Move Towards Sustainability

The role of sustainably in the success of any business is huge. It’s high time companies opt for sustainable methods to boost sales and make people become more environmentally aware. Offering containers made of sugarcane and reusable products can help save money and reduce waste.


When there’s a constant demand for products and the supply is limited. Businesses should think about sustainability strategies to create long-term value for the company. While eco-friendly materials can be quite expensive, they can be sold at a higher rate. Many people are moving towards sustainability to improve their quality of life and protect the planet.


3. Adopt Minimalism

Minimalist packaging design helps you stand out from the competition. You can grab the attention of environmental enthusiasts who worries about the company’s environmental footprint. The issue with adding more materials in packaging can lead to higher costs and more wastage. To cut down costs and create minimalist designs, you need to have innovative ideas.


At present, the increment in the number of business leaders adopting minimalism is evident. The extensive use of environmentally-friendly products, including minimal paper cups and recyclable bags, is the primary focus of individuals who want to incorporate minimalism in their life.


4. Saving Ink Goes a Long Way

Even at the micro-level, say can be a great alternative to the more commonly used petroleum-based inks. Not to mention, soy and other vegetable-based inks don’t partake in releasing harmful organic compounds as their synthetic counterparts.


Simply offering a paper-based standing pouch with soy-based inks for labeling can make all the difference. In fact, soy-based inks are easier to recycle as well, giving an opportunity to de-ink if needed. Apart from being four times more biodegradable, soy inks can bring down the overall cost and reduce waste.


5. Introduce Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated box packaging has a great environmental advantage over any other construction, no matter how you look at it. Made out of recycled papers, these packages can be further reused as well.  


One of the most prominent examples includes the use of a paper cup carrier. Not to mention, the strength of corrugation ensures seamless usage for a prolonged duration of time. Offering consumable products on corrugated packaging can keep them fresh, given their anti-microbial properties.


6. Start Offering Compostable Bags

This goes without saying, biodegradable bags are the epitome of sustainability. It also offers assurance to the end consumer, how their purchases would become one with mother Earth. Offering biodegradable bags can be considered the end-game while taking an eco-friendly approach.


Using shopping bags made out of paper can be a good start for companies who are walking down the road towards sustainability. After all, offering compostable bags is a trend that isn’t going to disappear any time soon.

7. A Touch of QR Codes

Technology can work like a charm in times when equipped with the right packaging ideas. It can potentially become a win-win situation for both parties. QR codes can become a great storyteller while putting the right thoughts into it.


Remember! How using lesser ink can even contribute to a sustainable future? Adding QR codes to tags can open up a whole new world of possibilities. Manufacturers can use these QR codes to share the product ingredients, user manual and even promote additional offers.


8. How About Anti-Microbial Packaging?

One of the biggest hurdles in packaging is to deal with the perishable nature of goods. It is fairly important in a world where there is a significant among of food that gets wasted. Currently, researchers have shown that essential oils and other polymeric structures can prevent degrading organisms to a certain degree.


Wrapping your packages in the wax paper can significantly improve the shelf life of the material. And not to mention, anti-microbial packaging is often biodegradable and sustainable as well.


9. Become Thoughtful of Gift Wrapping

This year, with the thought of choosing eco-friendly gift wrapping for a sustainable future. Let’s present something extra this gifting season. Running out of time, then choose a pizza box to cut down your environmental impact this year. There’s no better way to impress your loved ones with eco-friendly gift wrapping. It’s conventional plus re-usable.


Now, it’s time to go beyond and think about our world. Choosing sustainable gift wrapping would not only make us environmentally responsible, but it hugely benefits the upcoming generation. So, why not go green?


10. Be Vocal About Sustainability

Sustainability has become a crucial part of any business. The industry leaders are coming up with sustainability strategies to offer great products to their customers while reducing waste and other ecological issues. While running a business, we can be vocal about sustainability through eco-friendly packaging, custom flyers, and reusable bags.


As a business, you can source eco-friendly products to the vendors and convince them about your product. Engage more with your customers. Your goal as a brand is to ensure that your customers are 100% happy with your products.


Wrapping Up

Ecologically responsible decisions can have a great impact on any business. Paper Cut offers an array of products that promote sustainability. Going green can be a smart strategy to take your business to greater heights. It is crucial for all businesses to turn green for a better future.