1. The Big Debate: Should Single-Use Plastics be Banned?

    Many countries are joining hands for the growing movement of banning the use of single-use plastics. Over the years, billions of plastics items are entering our lands, oceans, and rivers harming the environment and natural habitats of animals.

    Single-use plastics are tossed away after one use however, it has an everlasting impact on the environment. It takes hundreds of years for single-use plastic to break down in landfills. Moreover, single-use plastics leave a large carbon footprint on the environment.


    What Are Single-Use Plastics?

    As the name suggests, single-use plastics are made for single-use purposes before it is thrown away. 380 million plastics are produced every year. About 80-90% of the plastics are disposable, while

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  2. Say NO to Plastic: Switching to Sugarcane Containers


    We all know about the adverse effects of plastics on human health and the environment. Plastic is one of the important elements in the manufacturing industry. However, its effects on the environment are prominent. It takes more than thousands of years for plastics to degrade. Being made from non-renewable sources, plastics contribute to climate change and the destruction of the ecosystem.

    Switching to sugarcane packaging can be a wise decision. Sugarcane packaging is sustainable and environment-friendly. Thanks to its natural composition, it can break down and not harm nature. Plus, it has the potential to reduce all types of waste. We have limited options when it comes to environment-friendly packaging. However, eco-friendly packaging is 100% safe and non-toxic.

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  3. Debunking Reusable Paper Bag Myths

    At present, paper bags might seem relevant to use, considering the adverse effects of plastics on the environment. If we want to promote environmental awareness, then there’s no better way than using paper bags. Over the years, paper bags have gained importance as it is reusable and recyclable.

    Compared to plastics, paper requires less energy to recycle. Many nations are enforcing a ban against the use of plastic. Plastic bags are being replaced by reusable paper bags, which are eco-friendly and convenient. So, there are a lot of good reasons to buy paper bags for daily use.

    Understanding the Difference Between Paper and Plastic Bags

    1. Why are reusable paper bags better than plastic bags?


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  4. 10 Creative Retail Packing Ideas for Your Business


    ’Packaging can be theater, it can create a story’

    -- Steve Jobs --


    If you want to create an everlasting impact on your customer, it all starts with the unboxing experience. While every new business owner considers packaging jus

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  5. How to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly in 2022


    ‘The Earth is a Fine Place and Worth Fighting for’

    -- Ernest Hemingway --


    Going green can have various benefits for businesses. It results in improved efficiency and a healthier workspace. It is significantly seen that businesses all around the world are stepping up their game by offering eco-friendly products to their consumers. Inc

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